Most Excellent Poker Rooms In Las Vegas

Most Excellent Poker Rooms In Las Vegas

Atlantic City, London and Los Angeles are very famous for poker scenes, but still none of them provides the kind of poker scene that is been provided by Las Vegas. After all Las Vegas is the city where poker dreams come true and multi million dollar tournaments are organized.

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Las Vegas is not only famous for its tournament but also for the card games as the cash games are pretty big too. So whenever you plan a trip to Las Vegas make sure that you visit any of these poker rooms so as to make your visit the most exciting one.

1. The Venetian

Venetian poker room spreads over the area of 11,000-squre foot; it offers 39 tables to its players. Other then this Venetian has knowledge stuff and also excellent dealers in the poker room. Venetian is been considered as luxurious poker room as it offers butler service. Venetian have two lounges for the people who want to relax after having a gaming session, this lounge is furnished with TV and leather chairs.

2. Caesars

Caesars is very famous for offering some unique poker games that are not found everywhere, some of these games are Omaha Hi-Lo and No-Limit Hold’em. Caesars is surrounded over the area of 8,500 square foot and have 30 tables for its players. Other then this lot of entertainment facility is provided in the form of sportsbook, Forum Shops and Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant nearby.

3. The Bellagio

Bellagio offers 40 tables to its players, it is spread over the area of 7,000 square foot. There are two flat screen TV’s for the enjoyment of the players and also two restaurants in prime and Circo. Bellagio is very famous for its big poker room; in this poker room the most famous poker players like Jennifer Harman, Doyle Brunson, Tom Dwan, Barry Greenstein and Phil Ivey wager hundreds of thousands of dollars, thus, it’s a big game.

4. The Mirage

Mirage is a poker room that use to host big games until Bellagio came in to existence. Mirage provides wide varieties of poker games then any other poker room; it offers poker games like Limit Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo and No-Limit Hold’em. Along with variety in games Mirage also have a joyful atmosphere.

5. The Wynn

Wynn’s poker room is very famous for its unique atmosphere, Wynn’s do not have a playing history but still it’s a preferred place for most of the players. This fancy and sober poker room is very good option for all those players who pays due considerations to the atmosphere of the poker room. Thus, all those players you enjoy playing poker in healthy atmosphere should visit Wynn’s poker room.

6. Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel is a new poker room, it offers some of the latest services which are not offered by other poker rooms. They have very big flat screen TV’s, iPod ports, a bar, and even VIP rooms complete with bottle service, other then this it also has restrooms inside of their poker room too . Players who like to visit different poker rooms should definitely visit Hard Rock Hotel, it offers both the limit and no-limit tables.

7. Binions 

If you are looking for any poker room, which is loaded with history, the Binions poker room is the best option fore you. Binions offer 7 tables to its players, and it host tournament on daily basis. Other then recently Binions have added 10 more tables with complete glass walls. These 10 tables are designed in a modernized way, so that new player enjoys the place.

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