Tight or Loose Percentage in Playing Poker Game

Tight or Loose Percentage in Playing Poker Game

Now days, poker games have become popular among the worldwide casinos. However, most of the novice poker players have a common question that how much lose or tight bet they should place while playing the poker game. Particularly, new poker players always have the query that up to what percentage they should have their hands before the flop. This is though a simple question, but has a very complicated answer. This is because; poker is a game, which changes in a constant manner and players are required to vary their decisions based on the tendencies and actions taken by their opponents.

This is also interesting that there neither any cut nor any dry answers. Experienced players of poker game can perform better while playing post flop, so they can play with more numbers of hands. However, some of the experienced players have recommended that novice poker players should play the game by placing tight bets. The reason behind this is that novice poker players would have less experience of post flop, so they may commit large mistakes as compared to experienced players of poker game. However, novice poker players should follow some of the guidelines before starting the poker game, which are mentioned in this article.

9 and 10 Handed Cash Games

In case of 9 and 10 handed cash games, players should play with 20% of hands. A tight player would play with 10% of hands as preflop and could be a winner at low stakes. For major part, players should raise preflop, while they play their hands.
Cash Games with 6 Hands

As the starting seats get stripped out in cash games with 6 hands, players should play with little bit looser bet in total. Here, some of the experts have suggested playing more or less similar in both 6 and 9 handed cash games. Players should place lesser hands from below the gun, while greater hands from either cutoff or from button. The reason for this is very simple that is players should act with last post flop. Position is given very high importance in all forms of poker game.

Tournaments of MTT

In case of Poker Tournaments, most of the players will start with extremely tight bets during the earlier stages of tournament. This is because; during the initial stages, blinds will worth less as compared to the starting stack. Any player at this period can play approximately 10-15% of their hands. However, as the blinds get increase as compared to the stacks, they would become worth stealing and so players should play overall more hands from the late position. All types of valuable hands will change during the whole poker tournament. In addition to this, values of highly unpaired hands along with medium and big pairs will increase. In contrast, values of suited connectors, small pairs and small suited connectors will decrease. The reason for this is that these hands are implied odd hands can perform well with higher pot to stack ratio.

Tournaments of Sit N Go

As similar to the tournaments of MTT, in Sit N Go tournaments also, experts have recommended to play few hands at the starting because here also, blinds are initially not worth winning. When blinds will represents a sizable position of the stack, players should go for align or fold strategy for winning over the blinds.

In conclusion, we can say that the poker games, played at both land-based and online casinos will provide lot of fun and enjoyment to the players. Here, only thing is that players should play the game with proper percentage by following aforementioned suggestions.

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